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General Purpose Cement

Independent Cement & Lime supply General Purpose (GP) cement complying with Australian Standard AS 3972. The versatility of GP cement makes it an ideal choice for most concrete applications.


Shrinkage Limited Cement

Shrinkage Limited cement (SL) is a product that is ideally used when concrete shrinkage is an issue. Minimising concrete shrinkage will aid in minimising the potential for cracking and the structural integrity of the concrete. Contact our Technical Services department to discuss a Shrinkage Limited cement solution for your application.

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Sulphate Resistant Cement

Sulphate Resistant cement (SR) is a blended cement specifically designed to aid in resisting sulphate and chloride attack in concrete. This resistance improves the durability of the concrete, particularly in marine environments. Contact our Technical Services department to discuss a Sulphate Resistant cement solution for your application.


High Early Strength Cement

High Early Strength cement (HES) is a cement ideally suited for early age strength development in concrete. Typically used in precast and post-tensioned concrete. Contact our Technical Services department to discuss a High Early Strength cement solution for your application.

Low Heat Cement

Low Heat cement (LH) is a blended cement that will aid in reducing the heat of hydration in concrete, thus minimising the risk of thermal cracking in mass concrete pours. Although there is a sacrifice in early concrete strength development, the upside is that ultimate concrete strength is significantly increased. Contact our Technical Services department to discuss a Low Heat cement solution for your application.

Off-White Cement

Off-white cement is used by designers and architects as an alternative to the standard grey of GP cement where there is a decorative or aesthetic requirement.

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Flyash is a supplementary cementitious material that improves workability and durability of concrete and concrete products. Independent Cement & Lime can supply flyash in neat form or as a cement or lime blend. Contact our Technical Services department to discuss a flyash solution for your application.


The SteelCement range of blended cements provide engineers with cement based products that are suitable in sulphate and chloride environments, require a low heat of hydration, lower shrinkage, increased durability and require a higher ultimate concrete strength. SteelCement blended cements have been used in aqueous and marine environments, mass concrete construction, precast products, mining applications and road and soil stabilisation.

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Ecoblend products offer all the advantages of a cement based binder with the added feature of being an environmentally friendly cement blend. Ecoblend products contain a minimum of 30% supplementary cementitious materials (slag or flyash), which are generally waste products of other manufacturing processes, as a direct replacement for high greenhouse gas emitting cement. Ecoblend products also offer increased durability or longer life, particularly in adverse environments, over traditional cementitious products.

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SteelPave products have been specifically developed for pavement construction, rehabilitation and maintenance. Ground granulated blast furnace slag, hydrated lime, flyash or type GP cement are blended in various combinations to provide optimum pavement performance. SteelPave is manufactured in a number of standard blends for general applications whilst our unique “designer blends” provide pavement engineers with stabilisation products that are made to meet specific conditions and design criteria. SteelPave products have been used in a diverse range of applications including: Deep lift recycling, Pavement construction / rehabilitation, Soil stabilisation, Maintenance and patching, Mining site works and Building sites

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The Roadmaker series of products are a special formulation of cement, slag and lime primarily used in road stabilisation. Commonly used as a faster setting binder in cooler conditions, the Roadmaker series provide superior strength and durability in pavement.

Building Products Supplies

Building Products Supplies Pty Ltd was founded in 1985 and are an Australian Owned and Operated Subsidiary Business of Independent Cement & Lime Pty Ltd. Building Products Supplies have a proud history of providing quality packed cement, drymix concrete, hydrated lime, mortar mixes, dried sands, plasters, oxides, liquid additives and general building products for the Australian Building and Construction Industry.