Sustainability defined – avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. Independent Cement takes this matter very seriously to make sure the planet is a better place for future generations.

Independent Cement is at the forefront of the cement industry and committed to meeting the growing demand for sustainable construction options. Specially formulated to reduce the environmental impact of cementitious binders used in concrete design. ICL’s Ecoblend products are being used in major products throughout Victoria and NSW.

, Sustainability, Independent Cement & Lime Group
, Sustainability, Independent Cement & Lime Group

Steel Cement

The bulk carrier Cape Nelson has delivered its 200th shipment of Granulated blast furnace slag to Steel Cement’s purpose built grinding facility in Yarraville at the Port of Melbourne. This shipment takes the total amount of slag delivered by SteelCement to 5 million tonnes. The slag, a waste product of the steel making process, is used to reduce the embodied energy in ICL’s and Victorian industry cements by abating the need for clinker based traditional cement. This ‘Steelcement product’ has been used in a range of residential, commercial and infrastructure projects since 1991.

Iconic projects such as the Bolte Bridge, Docklands stadium, Victorian Desalination plant and the two major tunnel projects currently under construction, are using slag for various environmental, quality or economic reasons. Cement manufacture is one of the main sources of global greenhouse gas emissions because of the large amounts of energy required to convert limestone to cement clinker.

Global cement manufacture accounts for 8% of global greenhouse gas emission, more than ships and airplanes combined; a figure that is growing. ICL’s utilisation of slag as a cement replacement means that 5.5 million tonnes of GP (General Purpose) cement has not been used in favour of using ‘Steelcement’ and this represents almost 2.5 million tonnes of avoided carbon dioxide emissions. On the international voluntary carbon trading market those emissions reductions are worth $5 per tonne; about $12.5 million dollars. This is the cheapest form of carbon sequestration on the planet! Unfortunately apart from Greenstar and ISCA building ratings tools this significant emissions reductions opportunity is neither promoted nor encouraged through carbon trading mechanisms. *Statistics and figures sourced from Swinburne University GHG.


Good Environmental Choice Australia GECA is an independent body that certifies products to make sure that any claims made about suitability are verified. Our Ecoblend products have been through this process and carry the below logo.
, Sustainability, Independent Cement & Lime Group

The Portarlington Pier

The Portarlington Pier required a design life of 60 years so the concrete mixes used must be durable with resistance to the marine environment. ICL worked closely with Local Mix an independent concrete supplier in the region. A Ecoblend Triple blend was used which consisted of Slag, Flyash and Silica Fume to lower the permeability and shrinkage. The benefits of using Ecoblend were Environmental, Technical and Economic.