Stabilisation products

Independent Cement & Lime stabilisation products range from slow to fast setting cementitious binders used in road and soil stabilisation and mining applications. The product range includes Steelcement, Steelpave and Roadmaker.


Ecoblend products offer all the advantages of a cement based binder with the added feature of being an environmentally friendly cement blend. Ecoblend products contain a minimum of 30% supplementary cementitious materials (slag or flyash), which are generally waste products of other manufacturing processes, as a direct replacement for high greenhouse gas emitting cement. Ecoblend products also offer increased durability or longer life, particularly in adverse environments, over traditional cementitious products.

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SteelPave products have been specifically developed for pavement construction, rehabilitation and maintenance. Ground granulated blast furnace slag, hydrated lime, flyash or type GP cement are blended in various combinations to provide optimum pavement performance. SteelPave is manufactured in a number of standard blends for general applications whilst our unique “designer blends” provide pavement engineers with stabilisation products that are made to meet specific conditions and design criteria. SteelPave products have been used in a diverse range of applications including: Deep lift recycling, Pavement construction / rehabilitation, Soil stabilisation, Maintenance and patching, Mining site works and Building sites

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The Roadmaker series of products are a special formulation of cement, slag and lime primarily used in road stabilisation. Commonly used as a faster setting binder in cooler conditions, the Roadmaker series provide superior strength and durability in pavement.