General blend cements

Independent Cement & Lime manufacture General Blend cements based on combinations of cement, slag and flyash. The combination of these products provide engineers with the flexibility of increased ultimate concrete strengths, durability and workability.


The SteelCement range of blended cements provide engineers with cement based products that are suitable in sulphate and chloride environments, require a low heat of hydration, lower shrinkage, increased durability and require a higher ultimate concrete strength. SteelCement blended cements have been used in aqueous and marine environments, mass concrete construction, precast products, mining applications and road and soil stabilisation.

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Ecoblend products offer all the advantages of a cement based binder with the added feature of being an environmentally friendly cement blend. Ecoblend products contain a minimum of 30% supplementary cementitious materials (slag or flyash), which are generally waste products of other manufacturing processes, as a direct replacement for high greenhouse gas emitting cement. Ecoblend products also offer increased durability or longer life, particularly in adverse environments, over traditional cementitious products.

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