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Australian Builders Premium Clay has very fine particle size distribution and high plasticity and refractory characteristics.

  • Minimum amount of clay should be used in mortar or render to achieve desired workability and finishability
  • Required amount of clay should be identified first using a trial mix before applying in the mortar/render.
  • Required amount of clay may be varied according to the characteristic of the sand used in the mix.
  • Important note 1: clay cannot be used as a replacement of hydrated lime.
  • Important note 2: excessive clay in mortar or render mixes will consume higher water, thereby the end- product will have lower strength development, higher shrinkage, and lower bond strength.


Australian Builders Premium Clay can be used in mortar / render mix to obtain desired workability and finishability. Clay can be used as a general filler to get better particle size distribution in mixes and can also be used to increase fire resistance in the mix.

Important: Mortar/Render mix containing clay should be trialed before use.


20kg bags.


Prior to opening & using product, always read & follow safety/usage directions printed on back of pack.
For more information download the product’s technical data document or product information sheet by clicking on the link button below.