Bagged Products | Lime & Clay


Australian Builders Hydrated Lime is a versatile building, garden & agricultural use product.
Ideal for various applications: Mortar & cement mixes. Gardens & Lawns. Tree spraying. White-washing. Industrial Processes water treatment. Livestock Sanitation. Pollution treatments and as a flux in steel production.

  • Premium Quality
  • High Performance Product
  • Professional Finish
  • Hard Wearing & Durable
  • Always Follow Safety, Usage & Handling Directions


Lime added to mortar improves plasticity, brick joint strength & longer mortar durability. Lime eliminates the need for re-watering mortar & makes for well-filled joints, better bedded bricks and faster brick-laying.

Lime’s elasticity absorbs vibrations & slight building settlement movement. There’s no cracking or water entry. Lime improves mortar workability for longer periods. Brick mortar joint colours are more subtle in appearance.


20kg bags.


Prior to opening & using product, always read & follow safety/usage directions printed on back of pack.
For more information download the product’s technical data document or product information sheet by clicking on the link button below.